Conference for High-Impact Research has ended

Obianuju Okonkwo

Children\'s National Health System
Clinical Research Coordinator
Washington DC
The current randomized clinical trail (RCT) I am a clinical coordinator for is called Family Advance Care Planning (FACE). This study focuses on how facilitated conversations with terminally ill or life-limiting ill patients and their chosen surrogate decision maker on advance care planning can changes how end of life (EOL) care occurs with this patient. The main goal is to make sure that the patient’s care and needs are known to the family and are ultimately carried out. This is quite impactful as so many of our patients are usually underrepresented in palliative care research and are seen as a vulnerable population. I plan on furthering the FACE model through palliative care research in Nigeria to see 1.) Nigerian cultural practices that play a part in how this patient population deal with palliative, hospice, and end of life (EOL) care and discussions; 2.) if there is any correlation to the greater district metropolitan area population and 3.) how advance care planning (ACP) can be better improved in Nigeria. In so doing, I hope to be able to focus on how culture, environment, and available resources affects one's health and healthcare options and to one day merge native healthcare practices in third world countries with western healthcare application.